3 comments on “Should the Warriors trade Steph Curry?

  1. I agree with you on the premise that something needs to happen in Golden State, but I think Curry is the player you build around (injuries aside) and the player to trade is Monta Ellis. I know Monta puts up big numbers, but he isn’t very efficient, all about volume.

  2. Curry has got to go he hasnt gotten any better since he was drafted and he is a huge trade piece even with the injuries teams will still take him

    • Agreed, and the big thing is teams still see him as a potential “point guard of the future”, even though it is more than obvious that he’s about reached his peak potential. I see Curry as having a Chauncey Billups-type ceiling, which isn’t too shabby, but the Warriors can certainly get much much more for him if they were to trade him right now. I don’t see why Ellis has to be the fall-guy here.

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