3 comments on “The Utah Jazz: Blowing their return for Deron Williams

  1. You really aren’t very knowledgeable of the game of basketball and formula of winning are you? SMART Jazz fans realize the Deron deal had to happen, we took the best possible package for him. Or he would’ve left the team with nothing and we’d be the Cleveland Cavs of last year and in tons of turmoil. The Jazz traded Deron for a 20 yr old, be patient D. Favors will develope, A former all star PG, not Kevin O’Conners fault he’s struggling shooting but he takes care of the ball, not turning the ball over is why the Jazz are close to .500, and Enes Kanter is a future 20-10 guy, anybody with have a brain can see it. Your an emotional fan, not an NBA blogger or insider, quit embarrassing Jazz fans. NBA scouts, GM’s, ESPN insiders, etc are much smarter than you when it comes to basketball knowledge. Stop acting like you have it figured out, look at facts, and listen to people smarter than you, it’ll make you not look silly in the future

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