4 comments on “Jimmer Fredette, done in the NBA, or on the move?

  1. wow, what horrendous piece…. whats crazy is the timing of this garbage…. do u watch nba games u moron…. or do u just blindly write garbage… guess what, everybody knows fredette was drafted by sactown to fill the seats…. thats not a negative… in means people love watching the kid play…. in back to back game vs the clippers and lakers, he didnt seem to have any trouble getting off his shot….. in both of those games he cracked double figures in a single quater alone… of late he has shot lights out… the only shots he gets, he creates for himself u embocil, because he teamates are so jealous of the fact that he has more individual fans than their entire team combined…. his coach is an absolute moron…. last night vs the nuggets, a game the kings lost i mind u, fredette was on the court a measely 17 min… in those 17 min with him on the court, the were a positive 11 on the scoreboard… with him on the bench, the were a negative 11… not rocketscience is it… in the fourth he came in to start the fourth, and the kings were down 7, with in five min, they were up 2. what happens next is mind boggling.. coach anything but smart, yanks him out.. they lose…. against the lakers to start the 4th quarter the kings were down by TWENTY… thats right TWENTY…. to start the fourth fredette finally gets a shot…. a few shots actually.. he proceeds to take over the game.. reining three’s from everywhere… taking it to hole for lay ups, and pumping in 12 in the fourth quater alone, as he brings the kings roaring back to cut the lead to 5….they lost by 8… but fredette and company beat the lakers by 12 in that quarter… fredette has found his shot.. since the four starts where he ave 17 points a game, fredette is shooting dead on 50% from the 3 point line… this article is atrocious

    • Typical ignorance from another Jimmer fanatic. Geez, these guys just can’t let it go. It’s like those 30 somethings who still refer to the Hansen Brothers as artists. You know, Adam Morrison had some good runs too. 26 here, 27 there. Even a 30 point game once. Every player in the NBA is capable of having a nice stretch. But the reality is that Jimmer is shooting 38.5% on the season, which is absolutely dreadful given what he was supposed to bring to the table. And he still hasn’t blocked a shot as a professional basketball player. Even Adam Morrison managed that. But we’ll lay low on Jim-Jim for a while, because we know you Jimmer fanatics are a sensitive, angry bunch. It’s like back in elementary school, knowing that if you flick that one particular kid in the back of the ear, he’ll turn all red-faced and blow a gasket.

  2. yea dummy but he’s having multiple big ones right now, i mean like now…. right under ur nose…. and u are saying that he’s on his way out… he’s a rookie…. yet he gets time, and is using that time to play well…. im not mad, i honestly cant even believe i am actually arguing with someone who brings up the fact that a point guard hasnt had a block, and acts like because he hasnt the sky is falling…. pg’s arent there to block shots genius. ur doing nothing more than going to the season stats and looking at them and then popping off about numbers…..ive watched every sac game this year, i gave u a lot of facts in my previous post, yet u chose to ignore them, and chose to act like im just some blinded fredette fan…. im a bball fan from nc who happens to love the way he plays, and i promise as of now, he’s been misused in sacramento… someone will get him and turn him loose, and ill be back to say i told u so…. u can bank on it…

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